Vanik S. Eaddy, Ph. D.
Family Tree of Eaddy-Ford Family of England and NZ

Information has come to the attention of the researchers of the James Eaddy Family of South Carolina that the name of Eaddy can be found in England, perhaps before 1400 in association with the name Ford at Bagtor Manor.  This information was reported by Murray John Eaddy of Tokoroa, New Zealand.  You may email him directly at <eaddy@xtra.co.nz>.

Murray Eaddy also related a very interesting story of one of his ancestors.  A man named John Ford, who was the son of Isaac Ford and Mary Eaddy, took the maiden name of his mother and changed his name to John Eaddy to avoid conscription in the British Navy about 1812.  His descendants have been known as Eaddys since that time.  See:  Eaddy-Ford Cemetery for this account.

The ancestors of Murray John Eaddy arrived in New Zealand from Great Brittian in May 1883.  They traveled aboard the barque, "Clyde" which was commanded by Captain Hoyle and departed from Prawley Point, United Kingdom on February 6, 1883.  Charles Ford Eaddy was born in Great Brittain in 1849 and traveled to New Zealand with his wife, Harriett Matilda Scott whom he married in 1872.  They brought along their son, Charles William Eaddy, who was born in Great Brittain in 1874.

See the:  Family Tree of Eaddy-Ford Family of England and NZ for this account.

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