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James Eaddy Family Tree

Featured Persons

Seven Generations
James Eaddy, I
James Eaddy, II
Edward Drake Eaddy
Robert James Eaddy, Sr
Robert James Eaddy, Jr
Dewey and Effie (Rogers) Eaddy
Vanik S. Eaddy, Ph. D.

Distinguished Persons
Jacob Bartell, Sr
William Bartell and "Little Rifle"
Samuel Eaddy, Sr
Daniel Singletary Eaddy
Henry Eaddy
Clark Eaddy

Rev. Oliver (Eaddy) Eady
Bennie Allen Chinnes
John Huggins the First of See Wee Bay
Captain John Huggins of The Revolution
Colonel Walker Crosby and Daisy Celeste Hanna
Kenneth M. Eaddy, Ed. D.
Dianne Chinnes
Edythe (Parker) Woodruff, Ph. D.
Robert Hanna (Passenger on the Nancy)
Hugh Hanna, Sr. (Old Hugh)
Joseph Hugh and Nettie (Eaddy) Hanna
Judith Eaddy (Hanna) Richards

Featured Stories
Variant Spelling of the Eaddy Family Name

Robert James Eaddy, Sr. Grave Marker News Article
Robert James Eaddy, Sr. Grave Marker Picture Gallery

The Chinnes Family by Dianne (Chinnes) Pierce and Eunice (Chinnes) Lentz
Haselden Legends and Facts by Lynn (Haselden) Boccia
Bark off the Kings Tree by Charlie Walker
Reflections on the Kingstree to Hemingway Highway by Vanik S. Eaddy, Ph. D.
Eaddy-Ford Cemetery
Eaddys of Color
Ernest Tilden Parker, Ph. D. Greco-Latin Squares Problem
Murray John Eaddy of New Zealand
William H. Eddy of the Donner Party

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